About us

timber bearer imbeded into soil – Greenhalgh Pest Services in Cairns, QLD
With more than 40 years in the Cairns pest control industry, at Greenhalgh Pest Services we know what works. Our technicians only use safe and proven pest control methods, certified to Australian standards.

We believe in offering customer service that is second-to-none, which is one of the many benefits of investing in the services of our local, family owned and operated business. Our team travel throughout Cairns and the surrounding Tablelands to provide superior pest control and pest management services. We use the most advanced products and equipment to ensure the best results are achieved.

At Greenhalgh Pest Services we value our experienced technicians who are committed to constantly evolving with new breakthroughs in pest control products and procedures. This enables us to offer our clients the highest standard of service. Our team regularly attend conferences and seminars on the lates pest control methods, allowing us to provide the most effective, up-to-date pest treatments and services available.

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